How to kill yourself without pain

How to kill yourself – how to commit suicide without any pain. 

How to kill yourself and commit suicide? You have every right to control your life. Any right is the right of a strong person because weak people have no rights.

An established social prejudice dictates rules to you, trying to deny you freedom of choice. They frighten you with punishment even for the willful termination of life, frighten you with hell and eternal torment. A typical trick of kings and rulers, who are not profitable for their slaves to leave them irrevocably.

You can find many ideas on the Internet about how to end your life. Most of them are excruciating, painful, or unreliable. Some of them are published in the “free methods” section of our website.

Our illegal service makes its business on the provision of paid, but exclusive and reliable goods and services for self-destruction.
We are a special branch of a well-known international mafia, which has enough interesting opportunities to exercise your right to commit suicide.
You can read more about us in the “who we are” section.

Before announcing a list of our exclusive products and services with an indication of their features and benefits, we urge you not to even try to write to us, begging to give you these products or provide services for free.

We are an impartial service that does business at your death. You are interested in your death, we are interested in money. If you do not have money, then there is no point in writing to us, be content with free methods.

Now in detail about each product and service.

Suicide Item # 1
Firearms. Only cheap samples, no license, no permission. It certainly costs more than buying it in a store. As you can see in the photo and video below, we specialize in the sale of several items, namely:
* Makarov pistol 9×18 caliber (8 charges) – $ 1700 USD

E-mail => [email protected]

* Makarov pistol Mod. 9×18 caliber (12 charges) $ 1800 USD

* Pistol CZ99 – 9×19 caliber (15 charges) 2000 $ USD

* Tula Tokarev 7.62×25 caliber (8 charges) 1700 $ USD

AKSU 5×45*39 caliber (30 charges) $2500 USD

There are more expensive items, but we do not offer them as it is unlikely that anyone would want to buy them for the sake of one headshot.
This type of goods for suicide is suitable for those who want to die brutally, and perhaps first take revenge on someone or for the pain, harm, fatal offense caused to him.
The options for the safe delivery of goods will be announced below.

Suicide Item # 2
Potassium cyanide. The cheapest item of all.
For industrial purposes, the owners of factories and plants can easily buy it, however, it is sold in tons and is not available to ordinary people. It is simply impossible to legally buy 1 gram of cyanide.

It belongs to the category of tissue respiration blockers, has a 6th hazard class and is included in the list of especially dangerous toxic substances.
Potassium cyanide is one of the most potent and fastest-acting organic poisons.
It will be a quick, easy death.

A favorite suicide, cyanide has been sought after by spies and scouts at all times to die quickly before being captured and tortured.
It is important to know that cyanide poisoning will be determined by a medical expert and you will be considered suicidal.

This poison is not suitable for those who want to hide the fact of suicide, for example, to obtain an insurance amount for their relatives. For these purposes, we have special poisons and services.

The price of a one-time package is $ 1200 – the volume of the substance is 3 grams. In fact, a triple serving. We do not sell cyanide in kilograms, so as not to breed competitors of dealers.

Potassium cyanide has disadvantages. He kills fast, too fast. You will not feel physical pain from cyanide, but you will die with a sense of real time, with the awareness of what is happening, and there is a high probability of a shock state of mind.

To make you understand what we are talking about, we will give a figurative example. Imagine that your life is a wound into which a serrated knife is stuck.
The knife must be removed to heal the wound.
In terms of mental shock, taking cyanide would be the same as yanking a serrated knife out of a wound.
This is the opinion of scientific researchers and it is not an axiom.

For more gentle suicide products, see below.

Suicide Item # 3
“Gentle poison”. The composition is not announced. It is a two-component complex. The first component is taken orally and is a super powerful dose of a non-lethal prescription antidepressant, it has already been modified as it additionally contains DHB (DIHYDROXYBERGAMOTTIN). DHB dramatically increases the absorption of any medicine taken by mouth. Thus, this combination in 10 minutes will send you to the deep eternal serenity in which there is only you and eternal peace. However, this is not fatal. This is only the first stage.

After taking this first component, you have no more than 10 minutes to drip a few drops of the second dru8 into your eyes. The first dru8 provides sensation, the second dru8 provides soft death. We do not reveal the secret of the second dru8, as it is not something you can buy at the pharmacy. It is a synthetic poison that enters the brain as quickly as possible if it is dripped into the eyes as eye drops. You can, however, drip into the nose, but objectively it is better to drip it into the eyes.

This dru8 is not painful, oily and will not cause a burning or tingling sensation.
Death from this complex is a blessed oblivion. While you smoothly go into velvet oblivion from the effect of the first dru8, the second dru8 smoothly but uncompromisingly turns off your central nervous system.

Most likely, you realize that you left this life much later than your body dies. The transition will be soft, but unfortunately we cannot say what awaits you next, because “eternal oblivion and peace” is due to the action of dru8s, this does not mean that you will remain in this state forever in the literal sense of the word. We are talking only about a pleasant transition without mortal shock and without phantom agony, apathy or fear that a dead brain can reproduce for another 10-15 minutes after death.

In fact, we guarantee that your brain will not be able to comprehend death and will not be able to generate posthumous 10-15 minutes of short films about the life lived and the torment of those who were in this life.
The price of this suicide masterpiece is $ 5700 USD


Suicide Item # 4
An ideal chemical solution for those who want to at least posthumously experience maximum pleasure and pleasure. Your life was probably shit and you decided to leave. But you are tormented by the annoyance that this life was dull, smooth and devoid of any pleasure? You have the right to receive a deadly effect commensurate with thousands of orgasms merged together, unreasonable pure euphoria that burns your mind and brain to ashes.

100% Lethal synthetic dru8 was experimentally developed for the corresponding illegal market, but was rejected because … Because it is 100% lethal and its incredible orgasmic-euphoric power is completely depreciated by a guaranteed lethal outcome.

This masterpiece, like many other experimental dru8s, was not developed at all for you, but for mass sales to those who love highs. We think you understand what market this product was originally intended for. Of course, we quickly figured out who might be interested in this product.

Since you need death, this means that he has no shortcomings for you! There are only a couple of minor side effects. Before death, the dru8 takes effect 5 minutes +/- after taking (since it is enhanced with DHB) and orgasmic euphoria will drive you crazy for several hours until you fall into a coma and die from a cerebral hemorrhage, which hardly feel it because your consciousness will be in a hurricane of sensations and you will not be able to understand, realize and perceive anything except them.

You will urinate and shit right under you, cry, salivate and tremble in a continuous orgasmic convulsion. Therefore, your corpse will be found not very clean. However, preliminary bowel movements and an enema are highly recommended.

If all this does not bother you, then the dru8 will compensate you for all those years of an insignificant life by giving in the end something you did not know before.
Perhaps you think that you can get by with some other dru8s that can be bought much cheaper and that everyone knows about.

We will not deceive you, indeed, many illegal dгu8s can give a good effect, especially with a guaranteed high dosage. If you have little money, then of course go and buy something cheaper, this is your right. We live once and we die once. If you want the death you just read about, it will cost you $ 5700.


Suicide Item # 5
Toxins for special purposes. 1-Toxin causing Insult and 2-toxin causing Infarct. These are unique toxins whose mechanism of action cannot be determined by a medical expert. Even a paid independent examination. The mechanism of action, the fact of deliberate poisoning and the remains of the toxin do not reveal themselves in any way. Death looks natural, will be pronounced death due to heart attack / stroke. The choice is yours.

This toxin was created to eliminate unwanted people who cannot be eliminated rudely. A unique product from the highest minds of our criminal community. We perfectly understand that such a dru8 is needed for those who want to kill someone without a trace, or are going to sacrifice themselves for the insurance sum for their death, which will go to their loved ones. Therefore, the price is appropriate and not negotiable.
Cost of 1 dose of the dru8 – $ 21,000 USD

There is only one way to get our item!
Details at the link below:

=> Fast buy – Fast Die! <=


Our services.
We cannot say that we have the opportunity to provide our services on the territory of any country, nevertheless the list of countries is quite high. As for the countries in which we do not have personal or partner branches of the mafia, then you can discuss this with us individually. It is hypothetically possible for a specialist to leave.

In a country where we do not have our own people, it is likely that our partners from other local criminal communities will be found who, for a share, will undertake to perform some of these services.

We can definitely say that our services are relevant for:
Great Britain
New Zealand

Now let’s list the standard list of our services:

Murder to obtain insurance coverage.
The meaning of the service is quite clear. You may want to use this service for some other reason, but in our offline experience, such methods are often demanded by those who have previously insured their lives for a large amount and suddenly found themselves in a situation where their family urgently needs a lot of money. In this case, many are willing to sacrifice themselves for these insurance benefits. It will not be possible to deceive the insurance company with suicide. Only murder or accident can work here.
This service is expensive and we offer two options.

A simple street murder with a pistol will look like a surprise attack with the aim of robbery. It was robbery. Insurance company employees should not have reason to believe that the murder had other purposes and may have been deliberately planned. Therefore, the scene of action will be agreed in advance with our client, it must be in the field of view of street surveillance video, where the fact of murder and robbery will be recorded in detail.

Price in USA / Canada / Australia – 50.000 $ USD
Price in UK – 50.000 GBP
Price in Spain – 35.000 €
Price in Italy – 35.000 €
Other countries individually.


A more expensive method that involves an accident on your territory. For example, there are specialists who have experience in simulating situations of falling from a staircase right at home and folding a neck.

It will look like this to you. After payment and approval of the work, a specialist will come to visit you secretly from eyewitnesses. This person will select a suitable place in your house (or other object), then they will gently and professionally roll your neck. It will be a quick and painful death. After that, your body, taking into account all the details of the terrain, will be placed in a plausible position relative to the trajectory of the fall.

This will create a consistent picture of the incident for examination. All traces of a third party presence and participation of an unknown third party will be eliminated. Whoever finds you will call the police, the place will be examined, all details are documented.

Insurance agents usually tend to arrive as soon as they find out about the incident in order to have time to inspect the scene. We will not leave the slightest chance for premeditated suicide. This is a premium service that will be handled by a trained person. All of this is part of the daily practice of the mafia and is a popular method in our communities.

The method is variable and not the only one, but it is the most reliable and time-tested.

Service price
Price in USA / Canada / Australia – 150.000 $ USD
Price in the UK – 120.000 GBP
Price in Spain – 100.000 €
Price in Italy – 100.000 €
Other countries individually.

This concludes the list of our streaming standard services.
We can consider special requests from any gourmet who wants to die as a victim of Hannibal Lector or in some other interesting way.

But you must know, remember and not forget the main thing. We do business and only business. We are absolutely not interested in your perverted fantasies, life problems and reasons for passing away.

If you write to us impudently begging to provide you services for free or to give you goods, then you will be immediately blocked. Our goal is to sell you your death, not to act as a freebie crime.

We are not your friends.
We are not a psychological help hotline for you.
We are not going to entertain you by talking about your fantasies while you masturbate in front of your computer screen while reading these correspondence.

We receive a huge amount of spam from perverts and psychos, so a non-business conversation will end very quickly.

And now we will voice the facts that you must understand and accept as a rule before contacting us.

1) We only accept payments with cryptocurrency.
2) Payment of 100% occurs before, not after. There are no other options that are acceptable to us. No payment on the spot from hand to hand.
3) You become our full client ONLY after payment. Until then, you are just an interested person who either wants a freebie or writes for the purpose of perverted fantasies, masturbating to the very fact of correspondence.
4) Delivery of goods worldwide is carried out by transport companies such as DHL. Our senders are not connected with us in any way, we hire them anonymously on the Internet. The detention of the sender does not make sense for the police, since he picks up our goods in the cache and then sends them with his passport.
5) Our toxins and “vitamins” are sent in special multilayer containers where cayenne pepper impregnation, citrus oil, chlorine powder are contained between the layers. This guarantees 100% protection from canine customs services.
6) Firearms are pre-degreased with acetone to remove the characteristic odor, then placed in a container with synthetic oil and sealed. Then comes a layer of pepper and chlorine powder. After that, the container is placed in a special bag that shields scanners and X-rays. Such a package is sent under the guise of a stack of books (for example) and it cannot be detected either by X-rays, or scanners, or by dog ​​dogs.
7) You will receive a tracking number of the shipment and will be able to track the parcel.
Our contact Email is shown in the photo.

Order a suicide item or service right now! Instruction:
We work all over the world! You don’t need to specify it!

We have people in all major countries, our system of organization is extensive and many people participate in it. Therefore, goods are shipped worldwide without restrictions, and our people are ready to travel to other countries or cities for special orders. This is being discussed. But only after payment, we do not have time to entertain people who just want to talk about orders, but in the end do not order anything.

To deal. Dozens of people write to us every day. 99% of the email and messenger messages that we receive are spam from people who are not even able to read our terms and conditions and the list of services. We are forced to ignore this spam. It makes no sense to waste time on correspondence with people who do not want to order anything or do not agree with our terms.

Therefore, we opened this section “quick service”.

1) Choose an item-product at a fixed cost.

2) Pay for it using this bitcoin account (it is listed below)

3) Write a letter to our email with the heading “I paid for the service.” In this email, specify the date and time of payment for the bitcoin transaction. As well as all the introductory information about the order. Delivery address, first name, last name, mobile number.

After that, we will immediately respond and your personal support for this order will contact you.

Even if you send us data about the victim after payment and never write anything again, we will complete the order exactly according to the instructions from the task paid for by the price tag. The list of services is below.

The paid order is taken into work immediately, carried out exactly according to the wishes and in the shortest possible time.




Check out our standard instructions and list of services:

Prices and Payment

We have a fixed average price for each service. Check the main page of our site:


In order to pay our services or goods you need to buy cryptocurrency Bitcoin (or Monero).
We are criminal service and do not accept payment in other ways such as credit cards, Paypal, bank accounts, etc.
Only cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Etherium or Monero.

First you will need to register on one of the cryptocurrency exchangers and buy bitcoin in any way convenient for you, such as paying the credit card. After that, Bitcoin will be credited to your account balance on the exchange exchange. From there you can send Bitcoin to our wallet transaction. 

Please note that the Commission for the exchange of money on Bitcoin on the stock exchange you pay. Thus, you will need an average of +500 €/$ more than the order amount to pay for it.
Example, taking into account the exchange of Bitcoin, to buy a service at €/$ 20.000, you will need €/$ 20.000 +/-

But two different exchanges with private exchange proposals, everything is individually, all private exchangers have their own commissions, limits, payment options and conditions. Exchanges can be contacted by different ways to quickly communicate and discuss the conditions. You can filter out the search for the country, the city, the city, the payment method and the desired cryptocurrency. From the list of private suggestions, try to choose exchangers with a well-established reputation. Before you pay for the purchase of cryptocurrency, any exchanger enrolls it on the balance of the exchange in the Holder freeze deposit. The exchange performs an intermediary function. In some cases, it is possible to agree on other terms of exchange individually.

Check with specific exchangers in more detail.

or this:


If you really need our services, you can easily deal with this simple payment process. Other options besides the payment of cryptocurrency, we do not accept.



How to kill yourself Google stories :


How to kill yourself I had a wonderful neighbor – Uncle Kolya. He was in his early sixties when he stepped out the window on the ninth floor. I was then about 14 years old, my friend and I were sitting on the balcony and saw this death from start to finish: first the clinking of glass, then a man’s jerk forward, slippers flying after him, falling off his feet, sparks of fragments in the yellow evening sun; some man who was walking across the courtyard and froze in a half-step, and the sound of a blow that blocked all the noises of the avenue. I will never forget this sound – absolutely deaf and emotionless sound of death. Once – that’s all.

How to kill yourself Uncle Kolya did not scream and quickly died on the asphalt, wet after the summer rain. Then there were the voices of the neighbors, the shout of my girlfriend, someone loudly said that we should go to Lyuba …

How to kill yourself without any pain

He lived on the third floor, and while his wife – the love of his life – was preparing dinner for them, he went out to smoke. He told her: “Lyuba, I will smoke quickly” … He went up to the ninth floor in the elevator and just jumped out the window. Literally jumped out – he didn’t even bother to open it. Therefore, his last moments of life passed to the accompaniment of breaking glass. He had stomach cancer in the last degree, and Uncle Kolya could no longer live with this pain.

How to kill yourself His act was not judged in the courtyard. While the ambulance doctors and police officers examined the body, the courtyard was silent. We, too, then went downstairs and silently looked at the already dead Uncle Kolya, whom the whole courtyard loved: for his easy character, for his sincere smile, for candy in his pocket, for everything …

How to commit suicide 

And now he was lying in an unnatural pose in a white T-shirt on the almost black asphalt, his face that was alive did not express anything, his eyes were open, the blue tights were turning red from blood oozing from open fractures. There was a lot of blood, so it seemed to me then. And the slippers were lying to the side, almost at the very flower bed.

How to kill yourself Suicides – who are they?
So, today we are talking about suicides and all those who try to become them. We have already written that, on average, 2-3 people are admitted to a psychiatric hospital per day, whom doctors call parasuicides, that is, people who tried but could not, or were stopped, or simply saved.

How to commit suicide In the winter, Igor Viktorovich, deputy chief physician for psychiatry at the Vitebsk Regional Clinical Center for Psychiatry and Narcology, promised me that we would definitely write about suicide and its intricacies. He even brought two patients from closed wards: a 25-year-old boy Roma and a 15-year-old Katya (the girl’s name has been changed) – they both pull their sleeves up to the stop and react to the word “death” especially subtly.

How to kill yourself quickly 

How to kill yourself Roma was in a psychiatric hospital for the second time with the same “diagnosis” – an attempted suicide. The guy is very taciturn, squeezed to a certain extent, makes contact with difficulty, answers questions in painfully monosyllables. But we will still show a video interview with him, well, just so that everyone has the opportunity to hear the voice of a person who just a couple of weeks ago tried to say goodbye to life.

How to commit suicide quickly and without pain 

How to commit suicide I cannot say that Roman’s revelation made any unexpected impression on me personally. Igor Viktorovich, who was standing next to me behind the camera, also listened to the guy rather skeptically. Roma’s reason for dying is alcohol. They can help him solve this problem, but no one but Roma can completely remove it.

Best way to kill yourself and commit suicide “For him, this is already becoming a norm of behavior – many who have tried once – are likely to do it again and again until they stop themselves, or death stops them,” the doctor concluded.
– That is, as a kind of dru8?
“Perhaps … There is something that makes them do it over and over again.
Suicide medicine
As it turned out from a conversation with Igor Viktorovich, suicide is a private phenomenon, but it has some regularity in society.

How to commit suicide best way to kill yourself The number of suicides significantly decreases during periods of war and increases during periods of rapid socio-economic changes, shocks, and crises. Seasonal peaks of suicide occur in late spring and early summer, as well as autumn; in men, only the first of these peaks is more often found.

Simple way to commit suicide and kill yourself right now 

The risk of suicide changes with age – it is minimal up to 10-13 years, then it grows, reaching a peak in women at the end of the fifth decade, and in men at the end of the sixth decade of life. The older the age, the higher the degree of “success” of suicide.

The incidence of suicide is much higher among divorced people who have lost their spouses, do not have children, live separately, as well as among people without a support system and social connections.

Men commit suicide three times more often than women, but the number of suicide attempts among women is three times more. For every completed suicide, there are ten suicide attempts.

There are several factors that influence suicide: psychological (including feelings of hopelessness, inability to find a way out of the current situation, acute anxiety, self-loathing), social (lack of support, loss of work, loss of social status, bereavement), psychiatric and medical factors ( on the basis of a depressive disorder, for example, as well as somatic diseases).

However, despite extensive knowledge of individuals at increased risk, how to kill yourself faster than you sense pain.


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How to kill yourself without pain