How to pay with Bitcoin

In order to pay for our services or goods, you must buy bitcoin (or Monero) cryptocurrency.

We are a criminal service and do not accept payments by other means like credit cards, paypal, bank accounts, etc.
Only cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum or Monero.

First, you will need to register at one of the cryptocurrency exchangers and buy bitcoin in any way convenient for you, for example, by paying with a credit card. After that, bitcoin will be credited to your account balance on the exchange. From there, you can send Bitcoin to our wallet with a transaction. (we will send the wallet address when you are ready to send bitcoin)

Please note that you pay the commission for exchanging money for bitcoin on the exchange. Thus, on average, you will need + 300-500 € more than the order amount to pay for it.
That is, taking into account the bitcoin exchange, to buy a product with a price of 2000 €, you will need 2300 € +/-

Here is a convenient version of the exchanger exchange:
A short identity verification is required, after which you can buy Bitcoin on Coinmama.

But there are two different exchanges with private exchange offers, everything is individual there, all private exchangers have their own commissions, limits, payment options and conditions.

You can contact the exchangers in different ways of quick communication and discuss the conditions. You can filter your search for an exchanger by country, city, payment method and the desired cryptocurrency. Try to choose exchangers with a well-established reputation from the list of private offers. Before you pay for the purchase of cryptocurrency, any exchanger credits it to the balance of the exchange in the hold-freeze deposit. The exchange acts as an intermediary. In some cases, you can agree on other terms of exchange individually.

Check with specific exchangers for more details.

If you really need our products, then you can easily deal with this simple payment process. We do not accept other options other than payment with cryptocurrency.
Sending goods is carried out within 24 hours after payment.

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