Free methods

How to kill yourself and commit suicide without any pain right now? 

In this section we will publish a number of free suicide methods. Be content with them if you do not have the means to order our exclusive features, which can be found on the main page of our site.

How to kill yourself without pain

Some of these methods are obvious, and their main feature is that they are free, available, or cheap.
As a matter of fact, they are not suitable for many because it is scary, rude, unreliable, not beautiful and often painful.

Getting started.

1) High drop. Do not jump from the bridge into the water, guaranteed death can be ensured 100% if the height is +/- 20 floors, and below you will not be waited by water or earth, but concrete. A few seconds of flight and you are no more.
Disadvantages of the method: it is difficult to decide to jump. Horror in the mind during the flight and the likely persistence of this sensation even for some time after death. An utterly disgusting corpse that you will probably see for yourself when the soul is separated from the body. And along with this, you will see the reaction of your acquaintances, friends and relatives. It is unpleasant.

2) The hanging itself. Working method. The internet is full of instructions. You are provided with the agony of asphyxiation if you do not break your neck by jumping with a rope, but simply hang by throwing the support under your feet. Pants full of shit and piss. The hideous face of a hanged man.

3) Longitudinal vein dissection. This works by opening the veins lengthwise, not across. In order to prevent blood from clotting after opening the veins, it is necessary to lie in a hot bath with your hands in it. You quickly and gently pass out and die. The method is one of the best among the free ones. Disadvantages: cutting veins is painful and painful, most people are barely able to cut at least the skin, or rather even scratch. It’s scary, painful and unpleasant on the instinct level. Probably in a state of alcoholic intoxication, this is easier to do.

4) Sleeping pills. The method is good and working, but getting a recipe for a really powerful sleeping pill is difficult. Finding a truly lethal dose is also difficult. If you fail, then you can sleep for a couple of days and then feel bad for another couple of weeks. If you are found, the ambulance will pump you out. Sleeping pills overdose is a popular method, but it often fails. It is important to understand that this is not poison and was not created for death, but for sleep. You can only die from a very powerful drug that cannot be bought without a prescription, and even with a prescription, one package may not be enough for you.

5) Carbon monoxide. Disgusting method. If you have a car, you can connect a garden hose to the exhaust pipe and tuck the other end of the hose into the car window. All other windows must be closed. Get behind the wheel and turn on the engine. To accelerate, press the idle gas pedal several times. Sit and die. Disadvantages: It is excruciating, you will get severe headache, coughing and choking. However, soon it will end and you will lose consciousness and die.

We can continue this list, but this will only be a list of analogues of the above methods of mechanical or chemical suicide.
Mechanical methods of suicide: throw yourself under a train, cut the carotid arteries in your neck, strangle yourself with a scarf …
Chemical methods of suicide: drink caustic soda (dissolve your stomach painful death), drink methyl alcohol, drink or take any cardiac glycoside. Many things can kill you, as well as make you a helpless invalid. Death from various kinds of chemicals or drugs is usually painful and prolonged.