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How to kill yourself and commit suicide painless.




How to kill yourself  The method of suicide is any means by which a person chooses to end his life. Suicide does not always end, and a failed suicide attempt can lead to serious physical injury, health problems that can be long-term, and brain damage. All over the world, three methods of suicide prevail, typical for different countries. These are hanging, pesticide poisoning and firearms. Other common methods are high jumping, drug overdose, and drowning. Suicide decisions are often made on impulse and are believed to be preventable by removing the appropriate means. The decrease in the availability of conventional methods of suicide leads to an overall decrease in the number of suicides. Some ways to do this include restricting access to pesticides, firearms, and known drugs used. Other important measures include the introduction of policies against alcohol abuse and mental health treatment. Firearms control measures in several countries have reduced the number of gun-related suicides and other deaths.

methods of suicide is to identify those that are commonly used and groups at risk of suicide; reducing the availability of methods can be helpful in preventing suicide. Limiting the availability of drugs such as pesticides and firearms is recommended in the Global State of Suicide Prevention Report. Early detection of mental and substance abuse disorders, follow-up of attempted suicides, and responsible media coverage are all considered key to reducing suicide rates. National suicide prevention strategies are also promoted using comprehensive and coordinated suicide prevention measures. This should include recording and monitoring suicide and attempted suicide, disaggregated by age, sex and method. This information allows public health resources to focus on issues that are relevant in a particular location, for a given population or sub-population. For example, if a firearm is used with a significant number of suicides in one location, then public health policy may focus on the safety of the weapon, such as keeping the gun locked and the key not available to at-risk family members. If young people are found to be at increased risk of suicide due to overdose of certain drugs, then an alternative class of drugs can be prescribed instead, a safety plan and drug monitoring can be introduced, and parents can be trained on how to prevent drug accumulation for the future. attempted suicide. Method substitution is the process of choosing another method of suicide when the first choice method is not available. Method substitution has been measured for decades, so when the overall method is limited, for example by reducing the toxicity of household gas, the overall suicide rate can be lowered for many years. If a first-choice suicide method is not available, a substitution may be made to a method that may be less lethal, resulting in fewer completed suicides.

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