Who are We?

We are the international branch of the world famous mafia, the name and nationality of which you do not need to know.

Any crime syndicate strives to get the maximum amount of money. Most of the interests of the mafia are offline, but in the 21st century it really makes sense to expand their activities using the Internet.

Our branch supervises the very project that you are currently studying on our website.
Thanks to anonymous offshore virtual servers and cryptocurrencies, we launched a project of paid services in demand in society for people who want to kill themselves and commit suicide.

We have collected a number of rare and unique goods and services with which you can kill yourself painlessly and commit suicide without pain and suffering.

This exclusive is published on the main page of our site, but do not hope for a freebie or for a product for a couple of bucks, for poor people without money, we can only offer a free section of our site that you will find in the site menu.

We kindly ask you not to write to us begging to give you our goods and provide services for free. We do business on your death, but we are not an oasis of mercy. Your torments and hardships of life can be solved for free, and if you do not have money, then there is a consoling section for you.

As for our goods and services, we monetize what we have in abundance and is not in demand for any reason. For example, potassium cyanide is a coveted, reliable poison that cannot be bought legally in small quantities, but we simply have some industrial plants in which cyanide is used in tons.

For us it doesn’t cost a cent, we take it from there as much as we want. But this does not mean that you can write to us begging to give a couple of grams for freebie just because you so want.

Do you want an easy and reliable quick death?

Buy it.
Or throw yourself out of the window from the 20th floor, but for freebie. 

Main page => https://how-to-kill-yourself.com/